Exhibit Submissions

The Art Gallery produces about 13 exhibitions per year. The year round schedule includes international, national and provincial touring shows as well as exhibits featuring local artists. The Art Galley hosts an opening for each exhibit, providing refreshments and entertainment.

As well as the regular exhibits, a pictorial history of the construction of the Alaska Highway is located in the stairway of the annex.

The Dawson Creek Art Gallery is committed to producing a balanced exhibition schedule featuring both local and touring exhibits. Application to exhibit is previewed by the curator and then evaluated by the exhibition committee. Reviews are conducted on a monthly basis, however, the exhibition schedule is confirmed 12-16 months in advance. Exhibits are scheduled for a period of approximately three weeks. Submissions for exhibition at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery should include the following documentation:

How the Gallery is Set Up

The Gallery uses a ramp system along the walls of the annex which accommodates 200 linear feet of hanging space.

The gallery's ramp system, seen from the top of the gallery. A close-up view of the gallery's ramp system, near the beginning of the ramp. A blueprint view of the art gallery, seen from the side. A 3/4 isometric cutaway view of the gallery.